Connect your ideas and inspire discussions with hexagonal thinking

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45 hexagonal reusable cards

Hexagonal thinking manual booklet


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8 * 45 Hexagonal reusable cards

Hexagonal thinking manual booklets

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hexagonal thinking class set

6 strategies for using hexagonal thinking in your next workshop class meeting

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Give participants a list of terms to connect

Put participants into groups and give them a list of terms that you want them to discuss. Participants write the words onto the hexagons and then arrange them and make connections as they see fit. When a participant lays down a card or moves a card they need to justify why they are making this connection.

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Brainstorm around a central question

Put participants into small groups and give them the central question on a hexagon that they will brainstorm answers to. The participants brainstorm the answers to this question by writing every new idea on a new card. Let them say out loud what they have written on their card, explain which cards they want to connect it to and why with each card they lay down.

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Record your justification

Participants brainstorm either individually or in a group. When they are happy with the design on the table in front of them they create a recording of it. Let them film the cards from above and talk over the recording to explain the connections they have made.

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Explanations on a placemat

Participants brainstorm either individually or in a group. Instead of placing the cards on the table they put them on a large piece of paper. This gives them the opportunity to draw arrows and write their justifications for the connections that they have made on the piece of paper.

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Come together

When you are tackling a big theme, give each participant in the group one sub theme and let them associate around their sub theme first. When they have ran out of ideas let them come together and link and interweave their hexagons into one big arrangement.

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Send in the spies

Appoint a spy in each group who will listen in on another group’s discussion. The spies can gain insight on how other groups have connected the cards and challenge them on the choices that were made.

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